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The Magic of Schwäbisch Hall

Discover Schwäbisch Hall

When I decided to write an article about “ what to see in Schwaebisch Hall “ my first thought was “ WOW – where should I begin “.  I have lived in this historical medieval town for over 20 years and I still have not discovered everything.  Before I list Ken’s top places to see and things to do while in Schwaebisch Hall, I want to tell you a little about its history. 

  • 2,500 year history

  • St. Michael’s Church was founded in 1156
  • From 500 BC up to 1924 salt was produced in Schwaebish Hall. At that time salt was know as white gold which gave Schwaebisch Hall its upper class look. Salt helped put SHA on the map but wine trade made SHA very rich.
  • Barock Town Hall built in 1735
  • Comburg (monastery) built in 1078 and renovated in 1715 during the Baroque era.
  • Neubausaal built in 1533 as a storage house. Now used as a Theater and for seminars
  • I will let you discover the rest during your stay in this beautiful city.
It is hard to say if the streets of Schwaebisch Hall have the same “Romantic Feeling” as when the Salt Simmers’ daughter was roaming the narrow alleys in the medieval times. Nevertheless, this beautiful medieval city is full of life, history, culture and like Rothenburg ob der Tauber ( very popular tourist stop ) is a “ must see “ for anyone visiting Germany.

My wife Claudia, daughter Grace, son Jacob and I all hope you enjoy your next stay in this beautiful city.

Keep on smiling.

Ken Swiers.

Here are Ken’s "Must See or Do" recommendations:

Historical Places

Get to know the city’s history before walking the romantic medieval alleys by visiting...

Hällisch-Fraenkisches Museum



St. Michael’s

Old Town

Market place

Visit the Market place located in front of St. Michael’s church. I would say this is one of the most beautiful markets areas in southern Germany. Not only does the St. Michael’s church with its 54 steps add to its beauty but also the cornucopia of architectural styles located all around it. The best way to enjoy this area would be to sit outside and have a coffee at Café am Markt or have a nice lunch in front of the Goldener Adler. Also every Wednesday and Saturday from 6am to 12pm you can experience the farmer’s market where you can either just enjoy “People Watching” or the simple purchase of fresh fruits, veggies, home made cheese, fish, bread and freshly picked flowers. At night this market place is beautifully illuminated which highlights its wonderful sky line backdrop of some of Germany’s most awesome architectural styles.

Old Town


Watching People

"The Stairs"


Obere Herrngasse

Naturally I also recommend that you take a quick walk thru the Obere Herrngasse where the apartments are located. If you are standing in front of the St. Michael’s church this alley is located to your right. This part of Schwaebisch Hall is one of the oldest areas which was not destroyed in the 1728 fire where approx. 65% of the city was burnt to the ground. If you walk along this street you will see homes built in the 13 hundreds. My house was built in 1392 and renovated in 1508. This is what I call German quality ( built to last ). At the end of the Obere Herrngasse you will find a nice family owned Italian restaurant (la Casa Toscana Ristorante) located to the right of the modern steel bridge. The food here is made fresh daily. I would recommend eating outside at this restaurant in order to also enjoy the beautiful view.


Wuerth Art Museum

Art is also a very important part of the modern day Schwaebisch Hall history. If you decided to experience SHA I would also recommend that you visit the Kunsthalle Würth ( along with the many galleries which are starting to fill the narrow alleys. If you are hungry after looking at the old Master’s works I would recommend you have lunch on the roof of the Alte Brauerei located in front of the Wuerth Art Museaum. While eating some Schwaebisch specialties you can enjoy the beautiful city panorama.


Hohenloher Freilandmuseum

If you are really interested in architechture I would also recommend you take a one day trip to see the Hohenloher Freilandmuseum (Open Air Museum / Link) located in Wackershofen approx. 15 minute drive from down town SHA. This museum displays old homes from around Southern Germany. Fire Engine museum is also located here.



Festivals or markets

Kuchen und Brunnenfest

This is the historical celebration of the Salt Simmers.  It all started about 2500 years ago when salt springs were discovered.


The city park along the Kocher river is transformed into a magical sea of lights. This is a wonder fest for both young and old.


A celebration like those from the days of your great grandmother. Or at least everyone is dress funny. This fest is located at the Hohenloher Feiland Museum in Wackershofen.

Christmas Market

Enjoy the festive atmosphere with your friends by freezing your buns off while drinking a glass of hot spiced wine ( call Glühwein ). Naturally there are lot of very unique things you can buy like handmade smoker men, wool socks and don’t forget another dust collector for your mom.

Halla Venezia


I would also recommend if you are in SHA during the summer to purchase a ticket at the information center for one of the many Freilichtspiele (Open Air Theater Shows). This along with a nice dinner would really impress you loved one. Not to mention the all the different cafés & bars you can visit after the show.

Food and Drinks

The Fussgangerzone (main street) is the focal point for life in this historical city with “wood beamed homes “, boutiques, cafes, and cozy resturants along both sides of its alleysThere is a saying in this area that “Love goe thru the stomach” That is why SHA offers such a variety of cusines to eat.  There are over 70 different resturants located in and around the center of Schwaebisch Hall.  I would recommend you at least try either Zwiebelrostbraten (beef) or kaesespaetzle (vegetarian).  Just trust me no translation is necessary.  Naturally to drink I would recommend you either order a German wine or a Hefeweizen beer.

Cake and Truffles

Café am Markt

Cake and Icecream

Café Ableitner

Italian Cuisine

La Casa Toscana

German beer and a Schwaebisch pizza

Beer Garden

In the summer I would recommend that you spend a relaxing evening with friends at the Beer Garden located in the park next to the Globe Theatre. Enjoy a German beer and a Schwaebisch pizza called "Blootz".

International Food, Drinks


International Food, Drinks








Lange Strasse


Alt Hall

Gelbinger Gasse



Gelbinger Gasse


Galleria Pulcinella

Gelbinger Gasse


Goldener Adler

Am Markt


Hotel Hohenlohe


German & Indian


Untere Herrngasse



Gelbinger Gasse


Sudhaus an der Kunsthalle Wuerth

Lange Strasse



Fun nearby the kocher

Minigolf & Boat Rides.


In the part is an excellent playground for fathers … I mean children.

Puppet Theater

Swim and fun



For more information on what Schwaebisch Hall has to offer,  please visit their website under and click on the US flag for English.